How would you describe your style?

In a single word, genuine.  I'm not a traditional or posey kind of girl.  I love messy, unscripted, in-between moments that generally happen when you think nobody else is watching.  I take a documentary approach to weddings and portrait sessions and prefer to shoot the scene as it happens naturally.  If you are looking for perfect hair and Pinterest style shots, I'm probably not the photographer for you.

Who is your ideal client?

We are either friends, acquaintances, or soon-to-be friends.  Hopefully, laid back, a little adventurous, perhaps even a bit sentimental and the kind of folks that embrace the imperfect, appreciate the little things and find beauty in the mundane parts of their everyday.  My ideal clients aren't coming to me because they want perfectly posed or "photo-shopped" images. My clients come to me because they want to capture a part of their story in the most sincere and honest way possible.

Can you Photoshop ____?

I get this question ALL THE TIME.  While I sometimes use Photoshop to enhance an image, I will not alter your appearance or remove things that are part of you.  I firmly believe it is my job to make you feel comfortable during our time together and find the most beautiful and flattering way to capture you and your loved ones just the way you are.

What should I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel good and reflects your personal style.  Honestly, it's easier for me to tell you what NOT to wear.  I recommend staying away from logos, baseball hats, sweatpants and sneakers (unless they are your favorite chucks). Coordinating outfits is great and all, but try to avoid anything too matchy-matchy or overly trendy. I always suggest picking a few colors that compliment each other and mix prints and solids. If you are feeling lost and looking for some inspiration, feel free to check out my Pinterest board or hit me up for some styling advice.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my session?

I understand that life gets the best of us and things come up (bad weather, illness, appointments, etc.). If the scheduled date/time doesn't work, let's work together to set a new date.  

Do you need a shot list?

During the wedding consultation, we will discuss your expectations, the family shot list, and any special photo requests. Shot lists and family formals are not required, but if you do want traditional family style portraits on your wedding day, I will ask you to create a shot list in advance of the wedding.  Here are some tips and examples for you to consider in creating your shot list and making this part of your day as seamless as possible.  

When will my pictures be ready?

After your session, I will upload and back-up your images and begin the editing process.  The editing process takes approx. 2 weeks for portrait sessions and up to 8-10 weeks for weddings during the busy season.  I always try to post sneak peeks on my Instagram and/or FB page and also keep in touch with you every step of the way so you know when your images are ready.

How many images do you deliver?

Each session is unique and the number of images largely depends on what is being captured.  Rather than striving for a certain number, I just focus on delivering high quality images that tell your story. As a general guideline, I typically delivery between 50-100 images for portrait sessions and 400-800 images for weddings, depending on length of coverage.

Do you offer prints or albums?

YOU BET!!  While you will receive digital copies of all your favorite photos from our session, you should also know that you do have access to some of the best print products available.  I firmly believe that everyone should print their memories and have access to high quality printing services (and I'm not talking Walmart, Walgreens, etc). Let's face it, who really wants to sit down and look through hard drives at the end of the day? But you should know there is never any pressure to buy additional products when you book a session with me AND you can always purchase an album or order prints at a later date. Bottom line, you have options.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! My goal is to provide you with high quality images that you will love and treasure for a lifetime.  If you do not love your images, then I will work with you to determine what I could have done better and either make the necessary adjustments or re-shoot your session.


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