My style is best described as GENUINE.

I value intention, authenticity, emotion, intimacy, & connection. I believe this is what genuine photography is all about and this is all I want to capture for you.

I want to work with people who stay true to themselves and are not afraid to show it on camera. I want to build a lasting relationship and provide you & your loved ones with photos that reflect the season that you want to remember. This isn’t just a wedding day or first baby photos. I want to be there for all the big and small moments. As long as we are keeping it real, count me in! Let’s skip tradition and ignore what everyone else is doing. Let’s do things our own way and have a great time in the process!

If you think this sounds like crazy talk, then we probably won’t be a good fit for working together and that’s OK. I truly believe there is a photographer out there for every personal style and budget. However, if you dig my style and these values resonate with you, then let’s connect and make some photo magic together. If we are a good fit for working together, I promise that I will show up for you and give you everything I’ve got. So what do you say?

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