January in Pictures

New year = new goals for my personal blog. I’ve tried various photo projects such as the 365, 5 minute, week 52 photo challenge, etc., and while these have pushed me to take more photos of our everyday, I felt like I was merely taking more mediocre photos and putting entirely too much pressure on myself to write.  The truth is that I’m just not much of a writer and I found myself spending too much time trying to find the right words and photos to share.  I also became so overwhelmed with all my personal photos, on top of client work, that I rarely made the effort to edit and share them.  This year I’m going to take a different approach. Rather than forcing myself to commit to a daily or weekly photo project, I am going to take photos when I want to take them and share my favorites from each month on THIS blog (my old blog is still there, but it won't be updated going forward).

Some posts may come with words and some may not have any at all, some posts may have a lot of photos, while others may have very little.  My hope is that I will have a little more room to breathe this year and will find my way back to taking (and sharing) photos of my family because I want to, not because I have to.

So, with that being said, here is our January in pictures.  We celebrated a new year and the excitement of our chickens laying eggs again (so many eggs), we embraced cold, but sunny days, we played cars and trains until the sun went down, we got outside a little more than we did last month, we jumped in mud puddles, we lingered in the bath a bit longer because it was too cold to get out, we were forced to cope with being away from each other for several days and nights (conferences and work travel hit us hard this month, but more on that later), we were faced with employment changes, BUT we were also blessed to have Kris home with us a bit more too.  This month was full of new challenges for our family, but we embraced the chaos and grew so much more from it. Looking forward to seeing what February has in store for us!

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