Adventures at Ft. Casey

It's been awhile since I have edited or shared anything personal, but I really loved everything about this day and all of the photos that came out of it.  We managed to get a free Sunday all to ourselves this summer and somehow woke up with the energy to go on a spontaneous family adventure. Kris mentioned that he had always wanted to go back to Fort Casey so we packed up the tribe and off we went.  We explored the park until it started to rain, snacked in the car while waiting for the last sprinkles to pass, attempted to fly a kite (unfortunately, the rain just wouldn't quit), and built an epic fort on the beach just before it was time for us to head back to the ferry. We finished the night with dinner and beers at the Diamond Knot and made it home just in time to tuck the kiddos in for the night.  You would never guess by looking at these photos that this was a Sunday in August.  It was probably the first rain we had seen in several weeks, but we enjoyed having the park mostly to ourselves and we cannot wait to go back!