Country Wedding at Tazer Valley Farm

This was the second wedding that I had the opportunity to shoot this year.  I will be the first to admit that I was nervous to take on such a huge responsibility on my own and in November nonetheless.  Fortunately, I have known Maddy and her family for a long time.  Maddy's sister, Robbyn, is actually a dear friend of mine.  We graduated from high school together and we were also college roommates back in the day.  Robbyn knew that I wasn't a wedding photographer, but she encouraged Maddy to ask me if I would consider documenting her wedding day.  I am so incredibly glad that she did.  I knew in my heart that I didn't really need to talk to Maddy or Shane to know that this was something I wanted to do.  They are super laid back folks, they really love each other, and they come from good people.  We eventually talked about their day and how it was going to be a small gathering with close family and friends.  No toasting or dancing, just a short ceremony and dinner at a cool little venue. Maddy's sisters were her bridesmaids and Shane's little nephew, Logan, was the best man.  Everything sounded perfect until Maddy told me the ceremony was to be held at dusk (by candle and Christmas light), in November.  Most natural light photographers cringe at the thought of using artificial light and shooting after dusk, but I was up for the challenge.  I thought Maddy and Shane were brave for planning a wedding in November as it's typically cold, dark, and quite rainy, but they were prepared and needless to say, they were blessed with a truly incredible day.  My favorite part of the day would have to be their first look.  As we were walking down to the bridge to meet Shane and take their bridal portraits, Maddy and I turned around to snap a few portraits and were pleasantly surprised to see that the whole family was right there with us.  Every moment of the day was a family affair and isn't that what it's all about folks?  It was truly an honor to witness Maddy walking down that aisle with her parents to marry her best friend, to see both of their families come together and join in the celebration, and to be able to create the images that tell their story.  Here are some of my favorites from their day.

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