Intimate Wedding at Majestic Inn

My new year kicked off with a super intimate wedding celebration honoring Mr. and Mrs. Shepard. Sophia and Brian were referred to me by some lovely friends of mine.  After meeting Sophia and talking about her wedding day, I knew we would be a good match.  We talked about her wedding timeline and all the traditional things that would be photographed during the day and that's when Sophia shared some top secret news with me.  Her and Brian were expecting their first baby in May and were planning on revealing the gender of the baby when they cut their cake!  How cool is that?

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and can often be quite stressful. When you are expecting a baby, you can multiply that stress by 10.  While most people would probably be a wee bit stressed about the details, particularly in the midst of their first pregnancy, Sophia was totally cool and calm throughout the entire process.  I think I was more nervous about her day simply because I hadn't gotten the chance to meet Brian beforehand and wasn't sure what to expect that day. However, I think that one of my favorite parts of their day was meeting Brian and his friends at the hotel that morning. While the girls were quietly getting ready in the bridal suite, Brian and his friends were playing 90's hits and making cocktails.  Within a matter of minutes, I knew we were going to get along just fine and have a really fun day.  It was pretty obvious to me that Brian loved Sophia and was truly ecstatic to marry her.  We couldn't even talk about Sophia without Brian's eyes welling up.  It was truly an honor to be invited to such an intimate day and not only witness these guys exchange vows, but also celebrate the news of their baby GIRL with the whole family!   Check out some of my favorite shots from their day.