Maternity Session // Washington Park Arboretum

I loved this beautiful fall maternity session.  After getting rained out a few separate times, we finally met up on a sunny and rather busy afternoon in one of Adam and Kate's favorite places.  If you would have seen the colors of all the trees in the park, you would understand why so many people (and photographers) were there that day.  We didn't let the crowd stop us from capturing this exciting time for their family.  We simply walked and talked a bit as we searched for quiet places to shoot in.  My favorite shots always seem to be the ones at the very end of the session when the sun has completely set and the park has cleared out.  Not only is the light my kind of perfect, but my clients are also a bit more relaxed by this point as well.  Although, I have to say that Adam and Kate never seemed to feel awkward as most say they do.  From the very beginning of the session, they were so connected with one another.  I absolutely love how they embraced each other and talked to their baby girl throughout the session.  That's what it's all about folks!  Here are my favorite frames from our time together.