Backyard Wedding in Maple Valley

I had the privilege of capturing Brian and Claudia intimate backyard wedding last August, which was hosted at Brian's parent's home in Maple Valley.  What I loved about Brian and Claudia was that they were laid back and easygoing people and they were prepared to get married on the river, rain or shine.  When I arrived at the house, the sun was peeking out behind the clouds and I thought that we were going to have great weather and maybe even a few sun breaks that day.  It wasn't until I followed Brian down to the ceremony area that the rain began to fall and everyone started scrambling for umbrellas and shelter.  It rained throughout the ceremony and then let up just before Brian and Claudia exchanged their vows.  Fortunately, the rain never returned and everyone was able to ditch their umbrellas and stay dry the rest of the evening.  I think my favorite part of their day (aside from the photoshoot in the river and the delicious carne asada that followed it) was when everyone joined Brian and Claudia on the dancefloor after their first dance.  The kids put on a great show for everyone as they shimmied and shaked along the balcony until the sun went down.  If you ask me, more people should have backyard weddings just like this.  Here are my favorite shots of Brian and Claudia's wedding day!

B+C Wedding_08302015_0215.jpg