Ryan + Jordan

I recently collaborated with Elle Make-Up Artisty and Shaylynn Marie Photography on a romantic couple session in the woods.  We had a different shoot planned that day, but the ever changing weather had forced us to cancel the original plan earlier in the week.  When the weather started looking up, Shaylynn reached out and asked if I would be up for getting together and shooting something entirely different.  Working along side these lovely ladies is always a treat so of course I was in.  We all met up at Shaylynn's house and got to work.  I pulled together my very first flower crown using flowers I picked up at the grocery store while Lorissa worked on Jordan's make-up.  Once we were ready to roll, we took Ryan and Jordan to this super mossy forested area we found along a hiking trail off the Mountain Loop Hwy.  I may have squealed with delight once, maybe even twice, during the shoot as these guys were just so awesome to work with!  Here are some of my favorite images from our shoot together.  Enjoy, friends.

Danielle LentzComment