Adventure Elopement // Rattlesnake Lake, WA

I am so glad this shoot actually happened!  It almost didn't, for a few different reasons, but we got a wild hair one weekend and decided to go for it.  The shoot didn't go anything like I had originally planned either, but that's how life is sometimes.  You can either opt out or roll with the punches and see what happens.  In this case, I chose to roll with it and I was blown away by what we created together with the limited resources that we had.  These images were shot at Rattlesnake Ridge (in the rain) and although you cannot see the incredible view of Rattlesnake Lake below, the intense fog, boulders, and forest created a gorgeous backdrop for this shoot. Unfortunately, the rain never let up and weekend hiking crowd started to roll in so we had to pack up and head back a bit earlier than expected, but not before we got this awesome little set of images.  Check it out and let me know what you think!