Engagement Session // Diablo Lake

I know I say that each session is my favorite, but this really was MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE session of the whole year!  As soon as Leah and Ian shared the news of their engagement, I essentially called dibs on their engagement photos and accepted the challenge of delivering photos and an experience that they would actually love.  

Since these lovebirds are having a destination wedding in the Caribbean, they wanted photos that reflected their PNW roots, combining the forest and mountains.  I knew that Ian loved to go shooting out in the North Cascades so we decided to take a little road trip out to Diablo Lake and the rest is history.  I obviously loved hanging with these guys and shooting these photos for them, but my very favorite part was their reaction when they received their photos.  I asked them to share a few words and here is what they had to say:

I wasn’t originally looking forward to doing engagement photos, but I’m really glad we did as the end result didn’t even come close to what I was expecting. We actually had a lot of fun during the session and when we got the pictures back, I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face. I never thought the photos would come out like they did. Danielle did an amazing job and I still get that huge smile every time I see them.
— Ian
Ian and I hemmed and hawed over the idea of engagement photos for some time, anticipating the worst and thinking just how awkward they could turn out! When we got a sneak peak of our session, any indifferences I originally had subsided, and I couldn’t wait to see the rest! The whole experience ended up being way more fun than we expected, and I think the pictures truly reflect that. Perhaps what I swoon over the most is that while Danielle managed to capture real moments between Ian and I, she also brought out the elements of the beautiful PNW scenery that we love so much!
— Leah
LIAN_Diablo Lake_10 22 160036.jpg
LIAN_Diablo Lake_10 22 160094.jpg