Matt and Kaitlynn // Maternity Session in the Woods

Shooting for other photographers is a wonderful and daunting task.  They understand the process and respect the art, but they also have a critical eye and a photographic style of their own.  Maybe it's just me, but I always feel like there is a lot more pressure and a little more performance anxiety involved because I worry (as I already do with family, friends, and clients) that I may let them down or disappoint them in some way.  I met Kaitlynn at a workshop a few years ago and while we live several hours apart, we have always kept in touch and supported each other from afar. When she got in touch with me about maternity photos, I was honored and also a little surprised as she was already 37 weeks pregnant and expecting her little guy in only a few short weeks.  If I recall correctly, I think Kaitlynn contacted me on a Tuesday or Wednesday and we were shooting these images that same weekend.  I knew she really wanted her photos to have a woodsy vibe and to incorporate water because they were planning a water birth so we settled on meeting up at the Old Robe Canyon Trail and the rest is history.  Looking back, I am utterly amazed and grateful that we pulled this off the way that we did because a long drive + a short hike when you are this far along in your pregnancy could yield an entirely different adventure.  Fortunately, little man Arlo waited two more weeks and now the real adventure begins!

CONGRATS again, Matt and Kaitlynn!  Big hugs to you both!