Baby Camden // Newborn Session // Seattle, WA

There is just something kinda magical about the newborn stage.  They are so tiny, sleepy, peely, squishy, a little rosey, and sometimes even a little crusty, but they are so very precious and cuddly.  I absolutely love photographing new babies and watching their loved ones just gaze and fuss over them.  It's one of my favorite things!  Colby and Avery found me through a mutual friend and I'm so glad we connected!  After taking their maternity photos earlier in the year, I knew their newborn session was going to be a breeze.  The Ecklands are great people; fun and laid back and they always seem to have amazing natural light pouring through the windows of their beautiful home.  Little Cam was the best little baby model too (a dreamboat really) and snoozed away while we took photos all over the house.  I remember warning Avery that we typically stop a few times to feed or diaper the little one, but no matter what we did, Cam just kept right on snoozing.  He didn't even startle or flinch when we tried to wrangle Dutch (their big fur baby) into a few shots out on the patio, which happen to be my favorite photos from this session by the way.  I know I say this about all my clients, but I truly loved getting to know this family and enjoyed capturing this time for them!  And I'd be lying if I told you that little Cam didn't induce even the slightest bit of baby fever.